Building Positive Relationships, One Behavior at a Time

You and your pet are unique and you need expertise you can trust! Pets Decoded LLC offers the very best in behavioral consultancy services and private dog training options for veterinarians, animal professionals and pet owners in Salt Lake City, Utah. My name is Dr Lynne Gilbert-Norton, and I am a behaviorist (a behavior specialist) with over 20 years of academic and applied experience in canine behavior. 

I provide positive solutions for your pet behavioral and training issues using the science of canine behavior, learning and motivation. Contact Pets Decoded LLC today and get the help and support you and your pet need. You will be in good hands!  


About Dr Lynne Gilbert-Norton


Animal Behaviorist & Private Dog Trainer

I was born and grew up in England and was always fascinated by animals and animal behavior. My life-long passion is dogs, and I have trained obedience, agility, flyball, psychiatric service dogs, and helped people find positive solutions for their pet behavioral issues. 



Simply the Best 

I studied animal behavior through a BSc, MSc, PhD and postdoctoral research. My expertise is in canine behavior: personality and learning in wild canids (coyotes) and dogs.

I am the only qualified behaviorist in Utah and am proud to also be the only expert affiliated with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) in Utah. 

I am a professional member of the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and an a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). 

My work is published in a number of scientific journals and I present my research at conferences throughout the UK and the US. 


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The Science of Behavior

My approach to behavioral issues is based upon the science of animal behavior and learning, which builds a positive relationship between you and your dog. A relationship that is based upon mutual trust and respect.

I use a scientific training approach called LIMA. LIMA primarily uses positive reinforcement training and takes into account the individual choice, welfare and needs of your pet. Science shows that this approach is associated with the lowest incidence of aggression, anxiety, avoidance, and fear in animals.

I do not use, or advocate the use of aversive training methods inc. pinch, prong, or shock collars  (e-collars). Or dominance/pack theory approaches that have little scientific merit. For more information please read the dominance and punishment position statements from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB).


Why Things Go Wrong

Sadly, myths about dog behavior, aggression and dominance are rife in the dog training world. Many techniques are harsh and do more harm than good. Many behavioral ‘experts’ use methods of training and behavioral modification that are based on a poor understanding of canine behavior and learning. These methods can often make behavioral issues worse, undermine your relationship, and damage the trust between your you and your pet.


Building Relationships

My scientific expertise gives me a unique insight into your pets’ behavior. And it gives you the professional expertise you need to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog   and overcome behavioral issues together.