Dog advice I wish you’d never heard!

and other ramblings and tales from a dog behaviorist…t


It’s a minefield out there!!! It’s a world full of quirky, ridiculous, bonkers advice on dog behavior.

It doesn’t seem to matter if advice comes from ‘expert’ dog trainers, your best friend, the person on the street, or your Uncle Jo. A lot of the info is misplaced. In fact when it gets to my ears I’m often not sure whether to roll my eyes or pick myself up from rolling around uncontrollably on the floor! As a canine behaviorist I heard some tales (tall ones), and met some wonderful quirky dogs and their long suffering owners who are trying to help their pets. Here are some of their wonderful stories (although names have been changed to protect those that come to me for help), and some of the crazy, hilarious advice they’ve been given in the name of changing behavior! 

So buckle up, strap in, coz here we go…

“No seriously…that’s what she told me!”

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