Book Online in 5 Easy Steps:



  1. Check I cover your geographical area BEFORE you book

  2. Choose an available day and time on the calendar

  3. Fill out the form below to make a PRELIMINARY* Booking

  4. Check your email (and Spam) for an automated reply with an e-link to a Behavioral History Form

  5. Fill out and return the Behavioral History Form WITHIN 7 DAYS of preliminary booking to avoid cancelation


The small print!

There are 2 appointment times available (10 am, and 4 pm) on Wednesdays and Thursdays for NEW clients (existing clients have more flexibility for follow-up sessions.)  The clock icon indicates that one of those times has been booked on any given day. 

*Preliminary bookings will be held for 1 week ONLY and will be automatically canceled after 7 days if a behavioral history form is not completed so other clients can be seen.

Which areas do I cover?

In-home consultations are available if you live within the 20-mile radius shown below. Mileage is added to journeys over a 15-mile round trip

If you live outside of the area shown you can either schedule a) an online consultation (for issues occurring in the home), b) meet at an outdoor location in SLC (for issues occurring outside of the home) or c) a combination of the two methods












Text (385) 202-0087 or email

One day I hope to have a wonderful admin person who can answer calls. Until that long-awaited day, it’s easier if you TEXT or email me your questions.

Questions might include if your dog is struggling with a behavioral issue e.g., aggression, barking, chewing, digging, fear, anxiety and you are unsure how to proceed, or if you have specific questions regarding your dog’s behavior. With current client demands, it is difficult for me to answer calls, however, I will answer brief texts and emails as promptly as I can. Don’t forget to give your name (and contact number in emails).